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One Stop Bitcoin Market Insights Tool
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CoinPredictor is an advanced forecast and analysis service, offering a one-stop solution for traders and researchers. It incorporates a unique combination of signals not available together in one product from any other single source.

Bitcoin Market Information

Incorporate bitcoin market stats like hashrate, active workers and block length.

Time Series Prediction

Time Series Model predicting the next 1 min and 10 min prices.

Search Trends Prediction

10 minute projection based on Google Trends topic data.

Flash Events Decomposition

Real Time flash event display.

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Our Solution

Analyze the frequency of flash events and provide a clear signal of market instability.

  • Real time flash event data
  • Intermal movement ratios
  • Linear price projections
  • Search Data trends
  • AWS EFS: Hosting, Server, and Portal
  • Coinbase, GDAX, Google Trends API: Sources/Inputs
  • HDFS+HIVE: Data Storage
  • Heroku: Livestreaming
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See the live demo here.

Make sure to look through the tabs in the analysis section.

Next Steps
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Next Steps

There are several ways to improve on what we've built:

Smaller Intervals

The public APIs we use allow three queries per minute. In order to truly be able to use our algorithms, the interval range would need to be in the miliseconds, so our ranges would need to be much smaller. To get this information, we'd need to work on a paid tier API.


We can improve our weights by implementing machine learning models that predict flash events and price movements. In this project, we limited our scope to identifying initial signals and showing a proof of concept. Now that we're able to predict a price, the next step would be to add a feedback loop so that our model would improve over time.

Additional Signals

In order to deliver a working product, we needed to limit project scope. However there is a short-list of additional signals that could improve our model:

  • Other exchanges besides coinbase: GDAX (Coinbase Pro), Gemini, Kraken
  • Other currencies: BTC-EUR, BTC-Yen, BTC-KRW. These also allow new exchanges.
  • Other cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Litecoin
  • Other social signals: Twitter and additional Google Trends queries.

About the Team
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About the Team

We're all students of the UC Berkeley MIDS Program. This is our project for the 2018 Capstone.

Tarun Chopra    
Tarun Chopra
Director, Product Management
at IBM Systems
Mona Gogia    
Mona Gogia
Data Scientist / Lead Developer
at PlanetRisk, Inc.
Boris Kletser    
Boris Kletser
Senior Strategist
at Google
Jill Zhang   
Jill Zhang
Data Scientist
at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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